A Zoloft Murder???

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The murder/suicide of actor Phil Hartman and his wife stunned the nation a year ago, and now the aftershocks are being felt. The late actor’s brother-in-law, Gregory Omdahl, is suing Pfizer and a psychiatrist, claiming that his sister was under the influence of the antidepressant drug Zoloft when she killed her husband and herself.

Hartman, 49, star of the NBC sitcom NewsRadio, was shot by Brynn Omdahl Hartman, 40, who killed herself four hours later in the early morning hours of May 28, 1998.

Gregory Omdahl, brother of Mrs. Hartman and executor of the Hartman estate and conservator for their two children, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on May 27, charging that Pfizer, which makes Zoloft, “had done all that it can to downplay the possibility that Zoloft causes violence or suicide in some people.”

Omdahl acknowledged that an autopsy found alcohol and cocaine in his sister’s body but said she snorted the cocaine after killing her husband.

Omdahl also sued Arthur Sorosky, M.D., the Los Angeles psychiatrist who gave Brynn Hartman samples of

A Dirty Secret: The NRA And Democrats

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While three-quarters of House Republicans routinely vote the NRA way, the 50 or so NRA loyalists inside the House Democratic Caucus play an essential role in rendering substantive gun-control legislation dead on arrival. Congress might demand new safety locks and clamp down on sales at gun shows in the wake of the Littleton, Colorado, school shootings. But, thanks to these Democrats, the Democratic leadership can’t–and won’t–seriously push for more draconian measures, such as mandatory registration or new limits on gun purchases, when the House debates the topic next week. The reason: The gun issue could backfire on the party as it did in 1994, when, as Clinton admits, Democrats “lost control of the House of Representatives in all probability because of” his crusade to ban assault weapons.

The numbers speak for themselves. Forty House Democrats were awarded an “A” on the NRA’s issue scorecard in 1998, and 15 more are considered by the gun lobby to be reliable friends, according to the NRA’s head lobbyist, James Jay Baker. Many of these Democrats are as “extreme” on

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