Data Recovery Service Companies Offer Server Repair

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recovery-servicesThere are certainly a lot of issues with some of the new IBM servers. I have always trusted IBM because they’ve basically been around forever and once they sold the consumer division, I was aware that they were probably going to focus on their corporate customers a lot more. And for the first couple of years of using IBM servers, I felt like everything was pretty good. We didn’t really even have to send them back for anything and it wasn’t until the warranty expired actually even had to consider Intel?s RAID Strategy. Of course, that was the real problem: the servers didn’t even break down until the warranty was up. So obviously I had to contact the data recovery company because you might as well be that in cases of a server failure. The weak point every server has to be the hard drive, and you need to know that only a professional data recovery service company can even offer you this kind of server repair.

Identify Server Repair

I bet a lot of IT managers don’t know how much risk they’re taking when they type in something like server repair on the Internet when they actually have a raid array failure. Let’s face it, a raid array failure is a hard drive issue and really has nothing to do with the technology upon which the server was built. So going to be server repair companies is usually a waste of time. When you want to do is contact a professional data recovery service that specializes in raid data recovery. Is important to note that raid data recovery is not a very common service despite the fact that so many companies advertise that they can do it. What these companies will typically do is simply outsource it to a professional and then take a huge amount of money off of the top.

You need to think about this the next time you think your company needs server repair and it really needs data recovery.

Need RAID Data Recovery?

I was noticing some of the new Intel servers out there these days. I’ve seen some of the new Thunderbolt technology. I talked to my manager and he said that it is very likely that we will be able to order a new Intel server very soon. This is good, because I felt like when we are dealing with Dell servers there were way too many hard disk failures. I certainly don’t know very much about raid data recovery in general, and frankly I know how much it costs for the company to get the service performed. After we had arranged that after we had our original raid failure, I was actually terrified about the fact that I wouldn’t keep my job. Of course, that turned out to be the situation after all. I don’t know exactly why we had that crappy backup tape, but I guess it happens to everyone who doesn’t upgrade their backup hardware as quickly as they do their regular servers.

RAID Recovery – Pros Only, Please

It is very interesting about the fact that many amateurs will attempt to perform their own data recoveries. I don’t think you understand just how critical it is that a professional performs RAID recovery. I’m actually quite shocked that they would even consider something like this, but now we find ourselves with real problems with some of our most mission-critical systems. I guess these things happen to new technicians, but I am very close to actually terminating the employment of these total jokers. I don’t normally get this angry, but I am getting a little bit sick of paying for raid data recovery operations that I don’t necessarily have to pay for in the first place. They really don’t understand that data recovery is for pros only, and that they have no business opening a hard drive. I know I am ranting, but come on! These guys are idiots already!

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